• Amrita Hemdev, CMO at Green Bay Remodeling and Development

Why December 2020 is The Perfect Month for Planning Your Home Remodeling Projects (And More)

We understand how challenging this year has been for all of us from almost every aspect. The pandemic situation that we all went through has greatly influenced decisions to decorate, renovate, remodel, or design our homes. With plans of home improvement put on hold this year, now is an excellent time to reconsider and bring in 2021 with a flattering and fresh look.

Harvard University has predicted that the fourth quarter of this year will see a 3.4% increase in home remodels and continue to see a 4.1% surge in 2021's first quarter. Bank of America polled 1K+ Americans about their attitudes and shopping habits during coronavirus and found that more than 70% have decided to tackle home improvement and remodeling projects, with more planned for 2021.

Here are six reasons why December may be the best time to start your home remodeling projects:

  1. To welcome the New Year - It's the most quintessential time of the year to finish off all the home improvement tasks for offering a warm welcome to the New Year. It is also the holiday season when people get enough time to look after renovation projects in the Bay Area.

  2. Great weather for building foundations and replacing furnishings – If you are thinking of replacing furniture and house accessories, December will be an excellent time for it. As the weather is dry and cold, you will not experience serious problems. So, you can invest money in home improvement without getting concerned. Also, cooler ground and dry air are better for digging foundations and pouring concrete footers than muddy ground and humidity.

  3. To take advantage of the end of the year sales – Usually, there are discounts and offers on various products given by several suppliers of home décor and renovation materials during December. Grabbing this opportunity is a smart move to consider for a homeowner looking to refurbish a home.