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Case Studies

Learn more about Green Bay's remodeling projects with the following case studies

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Learn How We Helped Clients Achieve Their Goals

Read about Green Bay's approach to remodeling projects by downloading the case studies below. You will learn more about Green Bay Remodeling® and how it can help you turn your dream kitchen, bathroom or some other type of project idea into reality and transform your home into something even more exceptional and unique.

Download the case studies below

Case Study 1

Read about Green Bay's full house remodel project in West Austin, Texas. Learn about how Green Bay took the older house and brought it into the 21 century.

Case Study 2

Learn more about Green Bay's full house remodel in San Jose, California. Read about the challenges, solutions and results of this project.

Case Study 3

Learn about Green Bay's ADU construction project in Walnut Creek, California and how ADU construction has increased over the last few years.

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Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Home

Green Bay Remodeling® has helped lots of customers in the past and it can also help you if you're looking to remodel or renovate a property you own in the SF Bay Area, greater Austin Texas or Orange County and the surrounding Southern California area. Transform your old tired design into something new and exciting. Check out the case studies above for some before and after photos and more details about the specific projects and Green Bay's has completed.

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