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Full House Renovation

A complete remodel of your home means you can stay in a familiar space but with an updated new look. Green Bay Remodeling® can help you design and upgrade your home to reflect a contemporary aesthetic, all under one roof. 

The Green Bay Remodeling® Difference

We Hold Your Hand Through Every Step Of The Process

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Green Bay Remodeling® is a design-to-build firm, which means that Green Bay takes care of all the little things... and the big things, like permits, plans, supplies, labor and much more. All you have to do is dream up a vision of what you want your home to look like and our project managers will work with you to make that dream a reality. Green Bay will implement the project faithfully to the design plan, so you are getting exactly what you had in mind. Green Bay will assign a dedicated project management to your project which means that you only have to convey your ideas to one person and they take the responsibility of implementing them. Not sure what materials to use or what design to go with, Green Bay Remodeling® will hold your hand every step of the way.

How it works

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In-home consultation

The first step is the in-person consultation with one of our project managers, where you will go over the project you have in mind in full detail, after which point the project manager will share with you the estimate for the project.

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Work in process

After everything is agreed upon, the work begins. This means that, change orders are less likely to come up, as all the details were meticulously planned. Which means that the work can proceed on time and on budget.

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Enjoying your new space

After the remodeling process is complete, enjoy your new space with family or while entertaining friends. Green Bay Remodeling® is confident that you will love your new space that it offers a one year guarantee for it's work.

Modern Luxury Redefined

Why Settle For Anything Less

Why Customers Love Green Bay Remodeling®

"Green Bay Remodeling has not only helped me design, they have also completed my kitchen and bathroom remodel beyond my expectations. The first time I met Joseph, I spent at least 3 hours with him, I was very surprised that he took so much time to listen to exactly what I wanted to do and he gave me a lot of great input. I must say that having a dedicated project manager was one of the things that helped me choose Green Bay Remodeling over the other agencies that I looked at. It made the biggest difference."

Arianne, Novato

"I did a little research, looked at a couple sites, and I really liked what I saw, Ariel came to my place. We actually spent almost three hours discussing the project ideas and he did a really great job being intricate and detailed in telling me everything that he recommended that we do. The project went really, really smooth because we had plans originally and the team actually went right according to plans, they didn’t defer they stuck to the job and it actually went really great, without any hiccups and on time."

Eugene, San Francisco

"Once the project started, it was pretty incredible, it was actually quiet amazing how many people showed up to do the project, and compared to our previous projects where people would just disappear for a while or have one person working for months, it was five or six people all the time. It was very impressive and they got it done really fast, they actually got it done a month early based upon the agreed upon timeline, so that doesn’t happen ever so I was pretty impressed with their work ethic. The crew was great, they’re clean and respectful."

Sharon & Sean, Oakland

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