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  • Writer's pictureAmrita Hemdev, CMO at Green Bay Remodeling and Development

Insider Advice on Bathroom Remodels

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular home renovations because the return on investment is so high. A new bathroom can cost as much as you want to put into it. Also, the size of the remodel will be a factor as well. Here’s some advice for starting a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Demands

Do you need to increase the floor space? Do you want a double vanity? How’s the current lighting? Do you need all new flooring? All things to take into consideration when designing your bathroom. Make sure to focus on necessities first.

Find Inspiration

A design layout will be a great benefit to you and your contractor: a remodel map. Talk to a designer, check out shows or look at magazines for ideas. Gathering reference photos and having this all drawn out will help you get the bathroom you desire. Communicate thoroughly with your contractor what you have in mind.


Determine right away how you plan to fund your remodel. You’ll need to figure out if you want to get a loan or pay for it out of savings. When you know how much you have to spend, you can decide the scale of improvements you’ll be able to make. Always keep your budget in mind when choosing the materials you want.


When remodeling, don’t forget about getting the right permits from the city. Cutting corners here will end up costing you considerably in the long run. Most contractors will be able to assist you in obtaining the proper permits.

Resell Value

Remember to consider design trends when remodeling. If you plan to resell at any time, then you don’t want to alienate potential buyers with over the top design styles. Dual sinks are a trend that’s a great option to maximize the use of the space. Another popular choice that will add value to your home is finding a way to separate the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Consider timeless looks that will keep your house looking great for decades.


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