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Green Bay Remodeling: Remodeling in a New Era

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Like everything else in the world today, the remodeling industry is in a significant state of flux. With so many people using the pandemic as a chance to reevaluate their lives and living arrangements, the demand for residential general contractors has dramatically increased. As a result, the U.S. remodeling industry is set to exceed over 340 billion dollars in sales by the end of 2022. With the increase in demand for general contractors has come an increase in the price of remodeling, an increase in the turnaround time between projects, and a decrease in contractors' time with their clients. Due to the rise in awaiting remodels, contractors have become cookie-cutters in their approach to remodeling projects. This has forced many renovation contractors into deciding between having faster project completions or good client relationships. With the remodeling industry experiencing such significant changes, Green Bay Remodeling continues to go against the grain and innovate the remodeling process to meet clients' needs in the new world we will live in.

Remodeling - The Process

Most home remodeling contractors approach projects in mostly the same way. They come to the property to take some measurements, listen to what a client wants for 5 minutes, tell the client that they can’t actually do 60% percent of what they want done and then they come back with a proposal that isn’t even close to what the actual price of the project will be. It is a process that many homeowners are familiar with and are so used to dealing with, that they accept it as standard practice. Yet Green Bay Remodeling's renovation process is anything but standard. A consultation meeting with Green Bay Remodeling is typically 2-3 hours long in which project managers discuss every detail of the potential renovation project and what a client wants out of their remodel. “The project manager goes over project design, materials choices, appliances and any custom orders the client wants in their project .” says Ariel Ben, Branch Manager of our Concord office. Ariel points out that “a proposal appointment is an opportunity for the client to get to know us and for us to get to know the client on a personal level, and that takes time.” From the proposal meeting our trusted project managers use our design-to-build platform to build a rendering of the client’s remodel to their exact specifications. From there, they are able to give a concrete final price for the entire renovation project. We ensure everything is accounted for in the beginning itself so there are barely any chances of a change order.

Customer Dedication

Customer satisfaction is one of the core tenets of Green Bay’s business. From the beginning of our company’s 12 year history, creating remodels that exceed our clients expectations has been the goal we strive for. In our time of operation, we’ve learned that the key aspect in creating these amazing projects is truly understanding our client. “I’ve come across it many times. Most people are afraid to tell their remodeling contractor what they really want because they think it will cost them too much.” says our COO, Zack Ilinestsky. Zack continues to say that “What I have to explain to them is that with Green Bay, getting what you exactly desire is our goal without exceeding your budget.” The trust our clients have in us comes from the one-on-one time that our project managers spend with our clients getting to know them and their families. These project managers don’t oversee multiple projects at the same time, whether that’s a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel or any other kind of home renovation, our project managers are dedicated to one project and one client at a time. It is through building a relationship with our clients that we are able to see the vision they have for their remodel and turn that vision into a reality. Bruno, one of our recent clients, said that “Many companies wanted to tell me what I wanted, but Green Bay was the first one who actually asked and listened to me.”

Standing Out From The Crowd

Green Bay Remodeling is a company that does business in its own unique way. Building personal relationships with our clients is at the heart of our business. When our Co-Founders Avichai Hazan and Mike Yarom started this company, they saw a need to reinvent the conventional way general contractors operated within the remodeling industry. They wanted to create a tech-oriented remodeling company for homeowners in the new digital world with the personal care people should expect from their home remodeling contractor. Our design-to-build platform allows our clients to build theirs remodels from the ground up. Green Bay provides services for every aspect of the remodeling process, from design to materials to build, all under one roof. Our CFO, Mike Yarom, says, "To build a successful company, we must first help our clients succeed. They are our protagonists. We are committed to building happy homes where the client feels he got all that he desired and deserved."

Our dedicated project managers are always available to our clients and help to ensure quality and a personal touch to every aspect of the building process. As the remodeling industry continues to expand and companies within the industry continue to take the focus away from the client, we at Green Bay will continue to stand out from the crowd and always put our clients first. Our CEO, Avichai Hazan, puts it best by saying, "Our company is about building a connection with our clients first and foremost, as building a great project always starts there."


Make 2023 The Year to Create the Space you Love

Are you looking to transform your space? Everyone deserves to live in a home that they love. Whether you live in your dream home or not, you can still love your space. So create a space you love, no matter where you live.

Located in California and Texas, Green Bay Remodeling loves to help homeowners by giving them the right insights and suggestions to optimize their budget while making their vision for their home come true. If you’re thinking about renovating your home, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation with our specialist. Our remodeling and construction projects have satisfied customers for over a decade, and we’d be pleased to offer you our advice and customized services.


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