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What Does Your Kitchen Color Say About Your Personality?

Have you ever wondered why the kitchen is called the "heart of the home," and why do they successfully capture mysterious attractions? The typical household kitchen has transformed into focused attention of the home rather than a place used just for cooking meals. It has become a place for socialization, and it requires you to stay updated. So, what can make the kitchen look updated––the furniture, the hardware, the fancy backsplash tiles, or the modern appliances? The answer is no. The first thing that catches someone's attention is the color of the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen cabinet colors not only make an immediate impact but also can reveal your personality. Selecting kitchen paint colors is one of the most crucial decisions you can make since it will stay for at least five years or more.

White or beige:

White or light-colored kitchens are in the rage these days because of minimalism and the Kon Mari method. However, those who love to stay organized and have a deep clean look are inclined towards light colors like cream, beige, and white. The white kitchen brings fresh ideas with a clean and classic look. That said, white kitchen cabinet colors will only look good if properly cleaned and cared for.

Charcoal or black:

While black or charcoal is considered versatile neutrals that can work in any corner, you rarely get to see these darker hues that take center stage. Anyone who selects for charcoal or black shades can be a little edgy or dramatic dark-colored cabinets like black and charcoal for individuals who are confident, bold, and seek adventure. If you get enough natural light in your kitchen, you can always select a dark shaded cabinet and still feel like your kitchen is bright enough to prep and cook in.

Navy and light blue:

Blue colors are known for their soothing and relaxing effect. Stokes of blue can help you to relax after a long hectic day. Blue hues can give you a moment to pause and rejuvenate. So whoever selects blue or navy-colored cabinets are generally easy and maintain an even-keeled perspective to every facet of life. If you have blue kitchen cabinets, there is a good chance you don't make hasty decisions in life. Instead, you always weigh the pros and cons before choosing any primary task. This color is a great choice.


Green certainly has its importance in their home decor; however, we have to admit, it is not the first we would like to add to a culinary space. Most of the time, we associate green and kitchen with broccoli and kale. However, if you select green as your cabinet color, you are a trendsetter and love to stay ahead of the design curve. In addition, green is considered to maintain balance and harmony, so if you select green as your color, you are thinking about dinner dates and the tiniest moments.


Red is one of the boldest colors to add to any space of the house. If you are an individual who does not shy away from speaking your mind and has a robust vindictive personality, then painting your kitchen cabinet as red can be a good idea.


Colors matter when it comes to refreshing your home. Ensuring that the colors you select reflect your personality is one of the jobs of a detailed-oriented and caring home designer and contractor who gives importance to personalization.

If you are stumped with what Kitchen cabinet colors work best for you, get in touch with a Green Bay Advisor today to help you get started.


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