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  • Writer's pictureAmrita Hemdev, CMO at Green Bay Remodeling and Development

Expanding our Presence and Bringing Trusted Quality to Austin, Texas

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

A Solemn Promise

Green Bay Remodeling has been one of the leading companies in the San Francisco Bay Area home remodeling industry for over 12 years. Green Bay Remodeling has set the standard for quality remodeling work and customer service. From top to bottom, Green Bay Remodeling has prided itself on creating home, kitchen, and bath remodels that exceed customer expectations at the most cost-effective price. Green Bay Remodeling’s success in the home remodeling industry has expanded into several locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Yet, there comes a time where every business must push itself outside its zone of comfort to continue to innovate within its industry. To this end, Green Bay Remodeling has decided to bring its trusted and proven home remodeling operations to Austin, Texas.

The City of Austin: A Changing Metropolis

Austin is a community experiencing change at a rapid pace. In 2021 alone, the city of Austin gained almost 600,000 new residents, and that number is expected to increase over the next five years. With this increase in new residents, Austin has experienced a housing boom, with over 18,000 new homes being constructed and over 21,000 home remodeling permits issued last year. There has also been an influx of new businesses relocating to the city of Austin in the last few years, with companies like Tesla, Amazon, and Apple being among them. With all these new changes coming to the city, many longtime community members have suggested that Austin is losing the weird indie alternative spirit that has made the city unique in the southern part of the U.S. They say Austin is on the verge of being overrun by soulless corporations that will take away from the courageous authenticity that the city of Austin and its citizens pride themselves on. We at Green Bay Remodeling understand Austinites' concerns and make one promise to them: we promise always to keep Austin weird.

An Innovative Design-to-Build Platform

Like the city of Austin, Green Bay Remodeling has always strived to deviate from the status quo and reevaluate how business is done in the remodeling industry. Some remodeling companies overcharge clients for any change orders done during a project. Green Bay Remodeling focuses on figuring out exactly what a client wants from the beginning of the remodeling process to avoid as many change orders as possible. Some remodeling companies focus only on the actual construction process and expect clients to already have design plans ready when they meet with them. Green Bay Remodeling works with clients on every aspect of their remodel from design-to-build, everything under one roof. This unorthodox approach to the remodeling industry hasn’t always been greeted with open arms and many have tried to get us to change how we do things. Yet through it all, Green Bay Remodeling has fought to keep authenticity throughout our business no matter how much our operations have expanded. Austin in much the same way, is fighting to maintain the authenticity of its community culture.

Culture Integration Not Gentrification

Green Bay Remodeling wants to be a part of Austin's unique, authentic, and unorthodox community. Green Bay Remodeling decided to open a location in Austin not because it is one of the fast-growing cities in America but because we believe that we can be a valuable contributor to the city's culture. As a business in Austin, we promise to contribute philanthropically to the many community organizations throughout Austin and hire locally to take advantage of the diverse talent pool found throughout the city. We promise to use as many green and locally sourced materials in our projects as ATX home builders. We also look forward to embracing the unique architecture of Austin in our remodels with several Spanish revivals, Tudor, ranch, and craftsman-style house remodels already underway.

Keeping Austin Weird One Remodel at a Time

ATX is a unique city trying to maintain its unique culture in a rapidly changing world. Green Bay Remodeling identifies with Austin's challenges as it continues to grow into one of the largest cities in America. We here at Green Bay Remodeling want to be a part of the unique cultural fabric of the city and grow to become a staple business of Austin like TicketCity, Chuys, Alamo Drafthouse, Yeti, Whole Foods Market, and many other unique companies located within the city. We also liked to attend some longhorn games at UT and have a chance to get to know the people of Austin. Green Bay Remodeling is not another west coast Yankee coming to Austin to take advantage of its welcoming southern charm and low cost of doing business. We are here to bring our unique design-to-build remodeling platform to a community entering a new era in its history. To help build and maintain a city that will never be normal but will always be weird.


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