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6 Home Remodeling Trends and Forecast for 2023

The vast majority of homeowners are proceeding with their planned home improvement projects in 2023, according to a new Houzz survey of nearly 4,000 homeowners conducted in October 2022. Many people are more interested in having homes that reflect their unique personalities, aesthetics, and lifestyles after spending so much time at home during lockdowns and extended quarantines.

With insights from the survey and a handful of design experts, here are the top home renovation trend predictions that you may anticipate seeing in 2023:

1. Remodeling Preferred Over Moving

Most homeowners appear content in their residences and neighborhoods and desire to remain there. 67% of those who plan to improve their home in the next three to twelve months want to stay in it rather than purchase a new one that would suit their needs. 38% of people wish to remain in their current neighborhood.

2. Popular Projects Homeowners Plan to Tackle

Among the homeowners who plan to renovate in 2023 or sooner, more than half (58%) will kick off their project in January 2023 or earlier. Nearly one-third of homeowners surveyed are already in the midst of a home improvement project (29%).

The most popular areas for renovation projects are bathroom remodels (37%) and kitchen remodels (33%). However, homeowners also say they want to personalize features (32%) in their current homes. And many say they're choosing to stay because it's more affordable to remodel a home than to buy a different house (23%), and remodeling is a better investment (22%).

3. Home Is Where the Hard Work Is

Designers now place more emphasis on home offices because working from home, even part-time, has become commonplace. The newly designed space emphasizes comfortable functionality and includes ergonomic furniture, energizing colors, Zoom-friendly shelves, and wall art. And chances are that you're allocating space in your home for the ideal workspace if you're currently building or remodeling it.

4. Luxurious Maximalist will Thrive

Bare-bones simplicity, get out of here! Instead, we have opulent maximalism, with its lavish textiles, deep jewel tones, and sumptuous textures. Warm brass and gold hardware take the place of monotonous black, and ornate wall sconces and gold-accented wallpaper cover the once-white walls.

5. Spa Bathrooms are Your New Escape Rooms

Your master bathroom can be transformed into a peaceful, spa-like space to help you rest after a hard day. Consider a bathroom with an oversized bathtub, a stand-up shower, dim lighting, and soothing colors, whether you're spending more time at home or just want a quiet place to think. To complete the serene ambiance, add some natural elements to the area (and remember the scented candles!).

Install built-in cabinets or shelves if space is at a premium in your bathroom. That enables you to maintain the relaxing ambiance you prefer while having all your essentials nearby but out of sight.

6. The Overall Trend of ADUs is Heading Up

The need for multi-dwelling homes is growing as a result of rising interest rates and real estate prices. In addition, in order to expand their purchasing power, many customers are buying homes with friends or family members, intending to subdivide or construct an additional apartment. Similarly, according to Christiane Lemieux, interior designer and owner of Lemieux et Cie, modifying one's home for multi-generational living will remain a significant renovation trend in 2023. As children return from college or aging parents move in, she claims that more and more families are choosing to live together due to the economy's change. According to Lemieux, "Many homeowners are redesigning their rooms and floor layouts to suit this transition," adds Lemieux. "Some are installing separate entrances and kitchens, while others are establishing self-contained apartment units."

Regardless of the predicted remodeling trends for 2023, experts concur that the most crucial thing to remember is to prioritize renovations that make sense for your house and family.


The Bottom Line

Trends change over time. Despite a trend's popularity, if it doesn't quite fit the style of your home, feel free to make inventive changes. Before putting “renovate my home” in an online search bar, consider your family's lifestyle, particular demands, and budget. Renovations can raise the value of your house and make you a happy homeowner if you ever decide to sell. When you are ready to talk more about home renovation whether it be a master bathroom remodel or a complete full kitchen remodel, Green Bay Remodeling is here to help you get started.


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