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ADU Builders

Whether you're located in Travis County or the nearby surrounding areas, Green Bay's got your ADU needs covered. Everything from designs to obtaining permits, construction work and more, Green Bay is here to help every step of the way.


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They [Green Bay Remodeling] have not only helped me design, they have also completed my kitchen and bathroom remodel beyond my expectations. The first time I met Joseph, I spent at least 3 hours with him. I was very surprised that he took so much time to listen to exactly what I wanted to do and he gave me a lot of great input. I’m not a professional, there was a lot that I didn't know, I had never done a remodel before, so he not only listened to what I wanted, he also was an invaluable source of information and ideas. And he made sure that the things that I picked were all going to work together. The project actually took far less time than I thought it would, they actually did give me a reasonable estimate that they managed to stick to. The workers that came to my house were not only professional, they were also courteous and they cleaned up after themselves so well, I thought my house was cleaner after they had been here than before. I must say that having a dedicated project manager was one of the things that helped me choose Green Bay Remodeling over the other agencies that I looked at. It made the biggest difference. Really it’s a company that cares about what they do. I actually feel that I got more than the bang for my buck. Joseph was so great about making sure everything went well together, it wasn’t just, do what they said they would do, I feel that they went beyond that to make sure that my house had a complete look. I would certainly recommend and I have already been recommending Green Bay Remodeling to all my friends.


Arianne, Home Owner

Elegant Design

Green Bay Remodeling® is a company that specializes in building an ADU space that is both functional and elegant. We believe in the power of design to improve everyday life and create a space that is as beautiful as it is practical.

Modern Luxury

Green Bay Remodeling® is dedicated to helping you create the ADU of your dreams. We specialize in modern luxury construction that combines modern design with high-end materials and craftsmanship. Our experienced team can help you with every step of the process, from concept to completion.

Opulent Look

Green Bay Remodeling® specializes in giving your ADU the opulent look you’ve been dreaming of. Our team of professionals is dedicated to creating the perfect space for you. Whether you’re looking to build an ADU for your family or as a rental property for additional revenue, we can help you throughout the process.