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A Streamlined Home Renovation And Development Platform to Design, Plan, and Build––All Under One Roof.


San Jose Bathroom Remodeling

Luxury that's affordable. That's what we her from clients interested in San Jose bathroom remodeling most often. Bathrooms are key to your home, so you need to make them the best they can be without breaking the bank. We'll help you design and remodel your bathroom with materials that will last for decades without cracking or fading at the right price. 




Our team that handles bathroom remodeling in San Jose CA are design-to-build contractors, who will:


  • Handle all of the subcontractors

  • Answer your questions through a dedicated project manager who's in constant contact with you

  • Draft plans and permits, if necessary

  • Help you choose different design options


When planning is complete and you've approved the 3D design we provide you free of charge, we'll commence construction. We install wiring and fixtures, perform drywall installation, and all the tasks you expect from a high-quality remodeling contractor through to completion.




The San Jose bathroom remodeling team has one goal, and that is to bring your dream shower and bath experience into reality. There are many exciting ways to do this that add not only to your enjoyment, but also to the value to your home.


Wet room. A wet room is a modern feature that has no tub or shower enclosure, just a big open, waterproofed space where water flows out through one drain. It offers more floor space than a typical layout with tub and shower combination would provide. Wet rooms are very popular in Europe, and growing in popularity in the U.S.


Glass shower enclosure. This option will make your new bathroom feel more like an indoor spa. Clear glass adds a modern feel to any bathroom.


Pony wall. These are basically dividers between bathroom components. They're in demand for bathroom remodeling in San Jose CA because they're short walls that add structure but keep an open, airy feel in the room.


Another option is using a rain shower head instead of traditional overhead ones. This will give you a more luxurious experience while also saving water.




We do things differently than most other contractors. That means: 


  • No change orders

  • No surprises in pricing

  • We handle all phases of the job


We provide our clients with a guarantee that you'll be 100% satisfied with our work. If you're looking for luxury, high-end San Jose bathroom remodeling at an affordable rate, call Green Bay Remodeling at (855) 889-9963 for a free quote today!

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