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Three Popular Bathroom Design Styles

Home remodeling can allow you to express yourself and your personality through the interior spaces of your house. Yet, with so many design options available, it can be challenging to pick the right one. Many aspects factor into your decision of which bathroom design to go with, such as costs, available space, natural lighting, amongst many others. Green Bay Remodeling’s team of top architects and designers have assembled three eye-catching bathroom remodeling design collections that can be a great starting point in helping you determine your particular likes, dislikes, and sense of style when it comes to bathroom renovations.


Less is More

Goldbridge, Castro Valley

Having ornamentation on every wall can cause a lot of clutter in a bathroom. Instead, let the room speak for itself by only having the essentials in the room. This brings more attention to these essentials left in the space; in this instance, the clients picked a beautiful double slip bathtub, elegant black marble tiling, and an eye-catching floating vanity to complete their master bathroom remodel.

A Serene Space

Calvin, Orinda

The focus of this project was a bathroom shower remodel, with the clients wanting a curbless shower entry and rainfall shower head. The renovation project was then expanded to the entirety of the space, and by using muted colors, full spectrum recessed lighting, and wood finishes, we created a serene home getaway.

Shared Tranquility

Baltusrol, Livermore

Clean lines and natural light were the essential elements in this master bathroom renovation. By adding large windows above the shower, choosing a light gray color palette, and adding white marble tiling to the shower area, we achieved the minimalistic aesthetic our clients desired.


Mediterranean blends

Ramsgate, Vallejo

Pebble stone shower pan, beige wall colors, and terracotta tiling give this master bathroom remodel a contemporary Mediterranean style that our client envisioned during the design and building process. In addition, the bronze fixtures help to further the Adriatic aura that this space gives off.

Unexpected Texture

Montecito, Santa Rosa

Sometimes adding texture in unexpected places can add a refreshing element to a space. For example, our client wanted something exciting for his master bathroom makeover after having the same bathroom for 20 years. Adding a pebble stone backsplash, floating vanity, and hidden wall-mounted toilet brought new life into the room without increasing the bathroom renovation costs.

Form and Function

Prentiss, Oakland

Just because something is beautiful doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. Using this extended vanity cabinet for this master bathroom remodeling project allowed the space to keep its elegant feel while still providing the available storage space that was a top priority for this bathroom makeover project.


Symmetry is Everything

Sanders, Moraga

When done right, centering a space around a single vanishing point can create a fantastic sense of symmetry within a bathroom remodel. This symmetry applies order to the area and when combined with the right color palette, can make it feel peaceful, warm, and inviting.

Using the Space You Have

Woodgrove, Concord

Having a smaller shower area was a design choice that allowed for a full bathtub, large vanity, and overall better utilization of the space in this small bathroom renovation. Paired with vinyl flooring, marble tiling, and LED vanity mirror, this room has a classic modern aesthetic.

The Essences of Modern


Our client envisioned having their private spa room for their master bathroom renovation. This wet room is designed with symmetry, twin rainfall, and handheld shower units. With its muted color palette, clean lines, and minimal detailing, this excellent master bathroom remodeling project is the epitome of modern decor style.

Making The Right Choices

Are you indecisive on the direction to take on your next small or master bathroom renovation project? Green Bay Remodeling is always here to guide you through the remodeling process and help you make the best style and design choices to make the renovation you envision a reality. Our renovation contractors, designers and architects will help you achieve your vision. Our team are experts in bathroom renovation and are highly rated remodeling professionals in the SF Bay Area and Austin, TX. We work with our clients to bring their new bathroom ideas to life and follow the latest remodeling trends to deliver a contemporary feel in our projects. Click here to get your dream bathroom remodeling started today.


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