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Concord Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in your home. It's where you start your day and relax after a long day. Green Bay Remodeling contractors are experts in Concord bathroom remodeling and can help you design and install new fixtures and features that will add style and comfort to your home.




Adding stylish touches throughout your home with bathroom remodeling in Concord CA is a great way to increase the value of your property. Our design team can help you create your vision, which may include:


  • Recessed or special lighting

  • Spa features

  • A wet room

  • Glass shower enclosure

  • Pony walls

  • Rainfall shower head


And that's just a partial list of the bathroom remodeling in Concord CA we've helped homeowners with during our 15 years of doing business in the area. Our designer-builders are good at spotting trends and incorporating them into your modern bathroom remodel project. We deal with older homes as well as new construction.


Not only do we handle design and building, but we also handle drywall installation, plumbing and lighting fixtures as well as finishing and painting at the same time so there isn't any downtime during construction.




We are design-to-build so our team understands homeowner needs better than other types of contractors because we work directly with  you throughout all stages of construction to help you visualize what your plans will look like once they are built. This is in contrast to other types of contractors that simply do what you tell them without understanding where the decisions come from.


The Concord bathroom remodeling contractors at our company offer you:


  • A comprehensive consultation to understand your needs

  • Free 3D designs

  • A dedicated project manager to work with subcontractors and provide constant communication with you throughout the project

  • No change orders


The price you see is the final price you'll pay because we don't use change orders or hidden costs like some companies do, so there's no surprises when it comes to our services or pricing. Think of us as a design-to-build firm with an eye for detail and an understanding of your needs, both aesthetic and financial.




We hope you enjoyed learning about some of the ways our Concord bathroom remodeling can transform your home. When you’re ready to get started or would like more information, please contact Green Bay Remodeling at (855) 889-9963 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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