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Ever since opening our doors back in 2012, we have focused solely on residential remodeling in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a leader in the construction industry, we provide custom design-build renovation and use a comprehensive approach to offer a wide range of services for the projects we're involved with, from designing your dream space to providing all materials and completing all construction.

We believe our success comes from our philosophy--We put our clients' happiness before our profits. This means a defined process, the most reliable remodeling company you will find, and excellent communication from the beginning to the end of a project. Green Bay Remodeling guarantees precise, timely, and efficient work from dealing with bureaucratic requirements to managing your entire project. 

Our Co-founders are engaged in every remodeling project to ensure it's as efficient, seamless, and pleasant for you.

Branch Managers

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East Bay Branch Manager

Ariel Ben-Shimon

Ariel excels at managing projects because of his leadership, attention to detail and proactive problem solving nature. Ariel’s goal is always to achieve 100% satisfaction for his clients through his day-to-day communication about the progress of their project and ensuring that the job remains within budget and on schedule. Through his many years of experience, Ariel has fostered great relationships with owners, local officials and Green Bay field crew.

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South Bay Branch Manager

Elad Nick Batito

Every well established business needs great project managers. Nick is one of those strong- minded project managers who is well acquainted with the entire remodeling process and specialized in carrying out all aspects of the project from conception to execution to feedback, which has earned him an incredible reputation on the field.

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Orange County Branch Manager

Roy Gill

Dedication, integrity and persistence are what drive Roy. Roy has extensive knowledge about all aspects of Home Remodeling. Along with Always bringing his A-game to work, he ensures that masterpieces are created for all of his clients. Working with Roy makes the client feel at ease as he wants to make sure he gets the same result the client is looking forward to achieving. Having Years of experience Roy has always been able to secure the trust and friendship of all clients.

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North Bay Branch Manager

Danny Lebowski

Friendly, knowledgeable and accessible, Danny is a project manager that a client can trust to handle every aspect of their project. His goal is always to bring the vision his client’s have for their house/kitchen/bathroom remodel to life. Danny’s strong interpersonal and communication skills help to enhance our process-driven management philosophy when it comes to completing projects. No matter what happens during your project, Danny always has your back.

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Texas Branch Manager

Asaf Shoshana

As Green Bay’s first Texas transplant, Asaf brings a meticulous approach to everything he encounters. His background in project management and team building, alongside his MBA, ensures each project reaches its goals - and then some. Like the Lone Star State itself, he’s original, daring, and resourceful. When Asaf isn’t reaching new heights with his team, you can find him hiking the beautiful Texas hill country with his daughter in tow or catching an NBA game.

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East Bay Team, Concord

Raphael Bartolome_edited.jpg

Production Manager

Raphael Bartolome

An avid golfer, who loves remote control car racing, and cooking with his family. If there is a major problem Raphael is whom you'd call because he's guaranteed to have your back.

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Project Manager

Melissa Martinez

A favorite team member among our clients, Melissa always brings vibrant energy, honest communication and creative ideas with her to work. She is a unique project manager who is an expert in design, time management and always getting the job done right.

    Juliana Dias.jpg

    Production Assistant 

    Juliana Dias

    Juliana Excels in teamwork, she believes teamwork is the central piece to success. Through strong teamwork, and ethics, she's able to excel in problem solving, and is efficient at her job. She loves traveling, and is adaptable to any environment, and connects with people on an energy level.


      Project Manager

      Yaacov (Jake) Steinberg

      A musical artist with a passion for singing and songwriting.  Jake is an all around artist. He loves to dance, and perfect his culinary arts skills. The customers love his attitude and work ethics, and rave for the amazing teamwork, communication, and end results.  All of this make him a Jewel with customers, and able to ensure an excellent job is done.

        Dimpy Sanduja.jpg

        Production Assistant 

        Dimpy Sanduja

        Always ensuring that time is well managed for our clients, and staff. Constantly solving touch problems for both clients and team members. Adaptable to any situation, with quick thoughtful decision making. Through her hard work, drive and dedication Dimpy shows that no task is too difficult to complete, and with drive you can do anything you set fourth to do.

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        Project Manager

        Eden Cohen

        A team member to be on the lookout, as he's dedicated to being a success within the team. Eden is an energetic team member. Very serious about his work, but also likes to make work fun for not only himself, but others involved with him as well. Loves to travel, and spend weekends with close friends and family.

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        Thomas O'donnell

        Thomas an experienced leader who thrives on bringing about the best results. A constant motivator, and Thomas stands out because he can find a solution to any problem, and ensure that all problems are solved to where both parties are satisfied in the end. Thomas excels in mediation as well.

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          Project Manager

          Jay Simantov

          Jay has always had a love of learning and interacting with people. This has led him to develop excellent communication skills and a great understanding of people. Jay believes that making a personal connection with clients is the most important part in the remodeling process. When he is not in the office, you can find Jay enjoying outdoor sports like soccer and cycling.   

            North Bay Team, Marin

            Erica Hernandez.jpg

            Operations Manager

            Erica Hernandez

            Erica is an organized professional who analyzes and improves organizational processes to improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of the staff at the North Bay offices. A people person, Erica ensures the staff is working harmoniously to their highest potential in the office by always checking in with everyone and making sure that they feel appreciated for the hard work they do for our clients.  

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              Project Manager

              Haim Mahlof

              Haim’s drivers of success are open communication and honesty. He believes that the renovation process should be as seamless and painless as possible. Haim’s ultimate goal is to unburden the client from stress and give them peace of mind by stepping in and making sure the project is executed exactly to their specifications.


                Project Manager

                Gil Barbibay

                Gil is a construction master with years of experience in the remodeling industry. A friendly person, Gil always goes the extra mile to make sure all the clients' questions are addressed to ensure the highest quality remodel. He brings energy and enthusiasm to any job site he enters, which is why his workers love him almost as much as his beautiful wife. 

                  IMG_1494 (3).jpg

                  Project Manager

                  Maria Costa

                  An early bird that’s always starts her day strong with being on top of everything she’s doing. Endless amount of energy that always brings a smile to your face when you see her. 

                    South Bay Team, San Jose

                    image (5).png

                    Project Manager

                    Alon Attias

                    Alon prides himself on fostering an environment of teamwork and honest communication at any work site he is a part of. His top priority is ensuring that the remodeling plan is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale. Alon’s main goal in every project is building excellent relationships with the clients and learning something new to take away and apply to the next.


                      Production Assistant

                      Lipi Tailor

                      Lipi brings dedication, hard work, and perseverance to the team. Lipi keeps things running smoothly and makes everyone's work life easy. She handles any and all task that come her way. A true team player, and an all around joy to work with.

                        Marco Cinco.jpg

                        Field Supervisor

                        Marco Cinco

                        Marco lives with a smile on his face. He passionately enjoys bringing joy to others, making people laugh, and working within a team. He's quick on his feet, adaptable to any challenge placed in front of him. Succeeds, at helping customers to find exactly what they're looking for.

                          Texas Team, Austin


                          Project Manager

                          Rosemary Otano

                          As our first female Project Manager in our Austin, Rose brings a unique and invaluable vision to our team. Her vivacious and determined personality will not only brighten any one’s day, but also ensure every task is completed to perfection. Her laser-focused attention makes projects get executed effortlessly. Outside of our team, Rose can be spotted at the gym or spending time with her beautiful family

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                          Project Manager

                          Toni Zeevi

                          Toni brings her A-game to every project! Her background in the army leaves her strong-willed and able to solve any problems she faces with a smile. in her free time, Toni enjoys training through F45. Toni will make sure her clients are satisfied throughout the entire process!

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                          Project Manager

                          Alegra Rot

                          Alegra brings her calm and peaceful essence to our team here in Austin. Alegra is a dedicated mom who you can always find on the sidelines of her sons baseball games when she is not working hard for her clients. Alegra has an extensive background in sales and her top priority is making sure everyone is happy at the end of a project.

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                          Construction Production Manager

                          Hector Gutierrez

                          Hector has years of experience in construction, specializing in residential renovations. Hector is an expert in framing and has an impressive analytical ability to get down to the details and find creative solutions for any problem that arises in a remodeling project. In his free time, Hector can be seen spending time with his family and developing their rance.

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                          Office Manager

                          Sophie Green

                          Sophie's warm smile and friendly voice are always here to welcome our clients! Sophie enjoys spending time with family and friends and staying connected to her puppy (Sam). She thoroughly enjoys working with people and strives to provide a professional and caring environment for both clients and our project managers family.

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                          Project Manager

                          Liron Abramovich

                          Liron brings her fierceness to every project, ensuring perfection. Previously an officer in the army, Liron is a strong willed member of our team. When she is not at the office or on job sites, you can find Liron using her artistic skills to tattoo or spending time with her furry friend Geo.

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                          Project Manager

                          Jason Saco

                          Jason is our fellow Texas native, born and raised in Dallas. Jason brings his charisma and charm to our team, promising to never have a dull moment. Clients fall in love with Jason’s energy and his way of always putting their needs first.

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                          Corporate Office, Walnut Creek


                          Chief Executive Officer

                          Avichai Hazan

                          Avichai Hazan is the company's growth engine and epitomizes energy, creativity, boosting sales, and maximizing potential at its highest levels. He develops the organization's innovative competencies, including best-in-class research and gold-standard customer service, identification, prioritization, and execution of new value-added services and capabilities. He is on a mission drive innovation in the way customers are served. When he's not at work or the construction site, you can find him at the beach, mountain biking, or spending time with his family.

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                          Chief Operations Officer

                          Zack Ilinetsky

                          Zack has helped shape the success of our exceptional client satisfaction rating. Regardless of what is asked of him, he is always there to help and make sure to keep all the operations and renovation projects on track and on budget. He is consistently recognized in his field for proactively identifying potential pitfalls, preparing a plan to work around challenges, and ensuring all the projects are successful. When he is not found in the office or at the job site, you can find him on social media traveling the world and enjoying succulent meals with his family.

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                          Sales Manager

                          Mikaela Burda

                          As the senior customer service representative, Mikaela loves conversing with and helping clients to get their remodeling project started with Green Bay. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends and traveling. 

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                          Digital Marketing Specialist

                          Max Dein

                          Max is a Digital Marketing specialist who likes to help people find home remodeling and construction services by connecting them with the Green Bay Remodeling team. He is a fan of architecture and home design. Max grew up in the Bay Area and is familiar with the region, the people and its culture.

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                          Customer Service Representative

                          Emily Meraz

                          Emily embodies hard work, ethics, and getting the job done. Emily loves what she does, and learning new aspects about home renovation. 

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                          Chief Financial Officer

                          Mike Yarom

                          Revenues, profits, and sales numbers drive him to perform better each day. He is responsible for the company's financial functions, including budgeting, setting, and achieving financial business goals, auditing, and managing revenue operations. Mike also leads all human resources and marketing activities. He brings the startup culture to the front by creating a team's vision to achieve the desired results. When he is not found behind a laptop or using his calculator, he is found cross-fitting or exploring fantastic food at local restaurants with  family.

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                          Chief Marketing Officer

                          Amrita Hemdev

                          Amrita is a wizard of all things creative. She is a data-driven full-stack marketer who manages the entire marketing department. She is Responsible for defining marketing strategies to support the overall strategies and objectives of Green Bay remodeling. She is known to many as not only a creative genius, but a dynamic and tenacious leader with a thirst for excellence and innovative solutions. On weekends, you can catch her playing board and video games with friends and family or going on trails with her Shiba Inu.

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                          Social Media & Communications Specialist

                          Kenneth Ward 

                          Kenneth a social media specialist with a love for creativity. He enjoys expression through art, and believes  through that you can make strong change in the world through the beauty of art. Kenneth is also a videographer, and photographer.

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                          Customer Service Representative

                          Allison Caranza

                          Allison is a fun-loving conversationalist who is always ready for a challenge. She loves being apart of this amazing team and being able to see these beautiful projects come to life.

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                          Customer Service Representative

                          Jocelyn Palacios

                          Jocelyn is a caring and friendly customer service representative who has a passion for fashion, loves going to the gym, and practicing her jiu jitsu skills. She likes working at Green Bay because of the family atmosphere and everyone’s commitment to working hard for our clients.  

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                          CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORIES

                          What Our Customers Have to Say About Working with Our Team

                          After my first successful project with Green Bay Remodeling, I approached them to do my next project. I can't say I wasn't worried about hiring a contractor, but Zack and the crew really went above and beyond to not only do the job but also to make sure that its the right project. I'm pleased with how my kitchen and bathroom look, and I am very thankful to the team to execute my vision. I would recommend Zack and his company to everyone looking to remodel their homes.

                          A J, San Rafael

                          From my very first call to the completed remodeled project, Green Bay has been a fantastic experience with the BEST customer service. My Project Manager Danny Lebowski was very detailed and thoughtful with each step of the process. His communication was excellent and honest. The team was amicable, kept the place clean, and worked at a high pace. I am very proud of my two new bathrooms and recessed lighting. I would definitely hire them again.

                          Angelin, Petaluma

                          Working with Melissa was a smooth experience. We felt comfortable with the way she explained things and she was determined to do a good job and told very well what to expect and how it works. Any issues or questions that came up were answered and resolved quickly. Green Bay takes pride in their work, and their people are all professionals. Their reputation is on the line; she put the best people on our project, which didn't disappoint. The team was great, very experienced, and knowledgeable. They made constructive suggestions, and they had an excellent solution for every problem I was dealing with.

                          Riley, Oakland

                          Our bathroom had been remodeled almost four decades ago without a permit, so we thought we might have permit problems. We did. The project manager went to bat for us several times at City Hall and made sure we got it. The work was done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. My husband usually gets quite anxious during remodeling projects, but, thanks to frequent communication with the attentive and unflappable manager, he had an easy time with the permit process's ups and downs. The bathroom looks excellent, the shower is lovely, we are thrilled.

                          Patricia W, Palo Alto

                          When I decided to remodel my kitchen and bathroom, I did a lot of research on the internet. I found Greenbay remodeling, and I couldn't be happier. My project manager Ariel was so helpful in giving me ideas to make my project look lovely. I felt very comfortable, even though I had never done anything like this myself. He was upfront about the costs, time frame, and everything to expect. We created my dream design! I highly recommend Green Bay remodeling and especially Adir, if you are looking to upgrade. The crew was fantastic, and even my neighbors were so impressed with the work.

                          Elizabeth P, San Mateo

                          I have never done remodeling before, and I heard so many bad stories about going wrong during the construction. But I was so lucky that I found Green Bay Remodeling. It's a reliable and friendly company! My project manager, Elad, walked me every step of the way and explained the process's detail for me. He guided me throughout and made it super easy on me. And he was always responsive to any questions and concerns I had. Overall it's a very efficient and reliable company, and I am delighted that my house turned out fantastic. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to revamp their home!

                          Gina K, Sunnyvale

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