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  • Writer's pictureAmrita Hemdev, CMO at Green Bay Remodeling and Development

5 Factors to Consider While Preparing for a Remodel

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Remodels require a lot of planning even for smaller ones. Here are some factors to consider when getting ready for your remodel.

1. Research

Research to better understand the scope of your project then figure out what timeframe and return on investment (ROI) you want. You will also want to get more familiar with design trends, materials, and layouts. The more research you do the better understanding you’ll have of what the remodel requires and entails.

2. Budget

An in-depth budget is key to a successful renovation. Be certain your spending limit accounts for materials and labor with some wiggle room for any unexpected costs. Giving contractors your established budget will set your expectations and ensure you find the best one for the job.

3. Home Life

Your home life will affect your remodel as well. Young kids, climate, and any family gatherings are all things to keep in mind. Discuss these with your contractor before starting work. Most experts are happy to work around your family's needs. Pets are a big consideration too. Open doors, loud tools, and strong smells are a struggle with a dog or cat. Try to find somewhere else for pets to stay during a remodel.

4. Contractors

The right contractor will keep your project on track with budget, schedule and expectations. You can get a referral from someone you know and trust. Another option is looking online and checking reviews. Meet with a minimum of three contractors before choosing. You can always ask them to speak with satisfied customers or to see pictures of other jobs they’ve done. Looking into your options thoroughly will ensure you find the right expert for the job.

5. Furnishings

Take furniture and decor from the room and safely store it before work begins, immobile pieces will be covered with sheeting. For any old items not being used in the new design sell or discard. For any new items purchased make sure they arrive before you need them and are stored in a safe place. It’s important to protect all your furnishings from damage during a remodel because this could be a huge unforeseen cost if not.


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