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 We continue to focus solely on residential construction in the San Francisco, Bay Area.    We are team of professionals with experience in executing remarkable designs to perfection by creating successful builds with our unique process that results in a noteworthy client satisfaction rating for you. Our highest priority is client satisfactory work, so that it reflects well on the designers which in return reflects well on us. To succeed designers need a trustworthy, and stable work environment. We ensure to not provide this, but also build upon the trust through actions.

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You are in Safe hands.

We've brought over 2000+ homeowners design build to life. Over the years, we've been able to maintain that everyone remains on the same page, and results that exceed expectations are what's produced.

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Consistant Communication

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager to answer all your questions from start to finish, provide day to day communication about the design project and ensure job remains on schedule. The project manager will ensure that the design is being properly facilitated to meet client and the designers expectations.

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Your vision to life.

We are experts in executing the design precisely. We ensure a stress free environment and listen to your ideas and transform your vision into reality. 

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Our Mission

Complete the design precisely, and ensure the completed design exceeds the designer and customers expectations.



We make your design come to life with 100% guaranteed satisfaction.


Experienced in negotiating with challenging clients.


Work closely with you to foresee any potential problems that may arise, and figure out how to prevent immediately.


Knowledgeable in all legalities needed to ensure that the design can be effectively executed.

Successful work

The goal is to ensure the designers job is made easy, so that they can produce the best work. The designer should be surrounded in an environment where the work is appreciated, and they can easily be apart of a team that allows them to thrive in a successful work environment. The design execution will be precise, along with consistent communication from project managers. Every time you recommend a general contractor to a client, you're putting your firm's reputation on the line. We at Green Bay Remodeling work hard to ensure that your reputation is protected, and the work that you've hired us to do represent your firm well. We guarantee to provide you with multiple reasonable options when issues arise. We ensure that everyone is well informed throughout the project, which in return reduces the amount of time you need to spend on the sight.​​

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