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Architects & Designers

Ever since opening our doors back in 2012 we have focused solely on residential construction in the San Francisco, Bay Area. As a leader in the construction industry with a wide portfolio of 2000+ clients, we provide custom renovation and remodeling experiences. We guarantee precise, timely, and efficient work from dealing with bureaucratic requirements to managing your entire project end-to-end by providing a dedicated project manager to look after your project and give you timely updates. We are team of professionals with experience in executing remarkable designs to perfection by creating successful builds with our unique process that results in a noteworthy client satisfaction rating for you.

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You are in Safe hands.

We have helped over 2000+ homeowners build their dream. Over the years, our rigorous practice brings everyone onto the same page right away and produces the same results that exceed expectations.

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Consistent Communication 

You will be assigned a dedicated project manager to answer all your questions from start to finish, provide day to day communication about the project and ensure job remains on schedule. All concerns and questions that arise will be answered by project manager throughout process.

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Your vision to life.

We excel in completing projects precisely. We ensure a stress free environment and listen to your ideas and transform your vision into reality. Your needs will always be our reality.

Benefits of working with Green Bay


Get the design to life by exactly matching the needs and aligning with the curated design. We ensure to complete your project to exact specifications.


Identify conditions that mitigate the long term risk that may impact the integrity of the home to be constructed.


In-depth knowledge and experience in construction processes and technologies.


Experts in local permits and very well known by the officials in the city halls.


Customer-first and mission-driven company on a journey to transform the construction industry.


Gives you a stress-free environment to focus on own expertise by taking care of the small things and providing clear channel of communication with on-point updates at each stage of construction process.


Lays out upfront costs of constructions in the planning stage and offers a partnership that provides a gold standard of quality work with no price fluctuations.

Work Environment

Architects & designers today without a shadow of doubt are faced with numerous challenges. Architects have to deal with changing orders, meeting clients expectations, in addition to providing stellar results. Many Architects have the issue of being unable to visit job sites for regular check ins, alongside dealing with non-cooperative contractors with no dedicated project managers to mange the clients project.  Green Bay provides architects & designers with a stress free environment to focus on their own expertise, cost of construction is laid out up front in the planning stage, and we guarantee to get the design to life by exactly matching the architectural needs and aligning with the curated plan.

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